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Janitorial Services

Day/Night Janitorial Services

We understand that each facility has unique cleaning requirements. Our comprehensive janitorial services are designed to accommodate the distinct needs of our clients, offering both nightly and daytime cleaning options based on their preferences and operational demands.

Standard daytime cleaning includes

  • trash removal

  • clean conference areas and straighten chairs

  • spot-clean interior glass

Standard nightly cleaning includes

  • vacuuming

  • trash removal

  • mopping

  • sanitization

  • kitchen/break-rooms maintenance

  • restroom maintenance

  • dust removal


Customization: We tailor our services based on the client's facility, preferences and cleaning requirements.

Image by Benjamin Child
Conference Room
  • What are janitorial services?
    Janitorial services cover a variety of cleaning tasks tailored for a professional corporate settings, spanning across industries such as financial institutions, medical facilities, retail properties, offices, warehouses and factories. Professional providing these services are commonly known as janitors, cleaners or custodians. The scope of janitorial services is intricately linked to the unique requirements of each facility., taking factors such as size, operating hours and the specific needs of the business in question. Optimally, selecting a company with experience in cleaning comparable workspaces or one adept at tailoring their janitorial approach to meet your specification is advisable.
  • What does a janitor do?
    A janitor plays a key role in maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of a building, contributing to a healthy work environment. Their responsibilities include through cleaning of the building’s interior and exterior, ensuring a tidy and professional space.
  • What is the difference between janitorial and cleaning services?
    Janitorial Services typically focus on maintain the cleanliness and appearance of a building or facility which include tasks like emptying trash, vacuuming, dusting and restroom sanitation. Cleaning services on the other hand may offer a wider range of cleaning options such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and specialized cleaning for specific areas like kitchens or bathroom. Janitorial services are often more regular and ongoing while cleaning services may be occasional or specialized.

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